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  • “Collins Cobuild Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary” new digital edition 2004 © HarperCollins Publishers 2004 “Collins” & “Collins Cobuild” are trade marks of HarperCollins
  • Atlas Modern Dictionary English-Arabic (Encyclopedic) ©.Copyright © by Atlas Global Center for Studies & Research (Amman / Jordan) (2008)
  • Atlas Specialized Dictionaries © prepared by Atlas Global Center for Studies and Research.


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Atlas Encyclopedic Modern Dictionary (English-Arabic) with its latest edition 2008, with thousands of words, modern definitions and illustrations added to it, and Atlas (Arabic-English) dictionary with its distinctive pronounciation of Arabic words, and Collins Cobuild dictionaries, which are among the most famous dictionaries of the English language with their definitions and examples Detailed and idiomatic expressions.

Specialized dictionaries

Specialized dictionaries cover over 50 knowledge fields along with auxiliary dictionaries such as motion picture dictionaries and graphic dictionaries that would make this device an unparalleled linguistic reference.

Comprehensive search

An advanced search engine that searches all dictionaries simultaneously. Several pronouncing engines were adopted, which are considered the most advanced in both English and Arabic.

Learn English

Users of this device can achieve their goal of learning the English language through an integrated educational program supported with multiple level tests and applications for verbal learning and communication skills.

The language

The device contains the most used vocabulary in the English language and its meanings in Arabic, in addition to new applications such as conversation in twelve languages, interactive English and picture phrases in order to develop the user's language by reading and listening interactively. Phrasal verbs and idioms have been developed to be a synonym for English language learners to create correct formulas and phrases.

the sound

Clear and correct pronunciation in both English and Arabic languages ​​with the ability to set the speed and pitch of the sound.

The rules

The device offers a detailed explanation of the rules of the Arabic and English languages ​​separately, along with level tests that help the user pass the most difficult language acceptance tests at universities and international institutions.


A comprehensive encyclopedia covering many topics to increase the outcome of the general information of the user, not to mention the application of tests to check your general information.

Short tests

A variety of short quizzes such as vocabulary, verbs, non-standard plural forms and many more enable the user to test his linguistic information.

Appointment organizer

Prayer times, alarm clock and qibla direction.

Directory of addresses and phone numbers.


It includes MP3 player, video player, flash player, text reader, PDF file reader, e-book and voice recorder.

The games

Many educational and fun games.


Many additional applications that are constantly updated and can be downloaded online.

Connecting to a personal computer.


It contains many useful applications such as date, time, local city, prayer times, daily alarm, and many more.


Large storage capacity "350MB" can be increased by adding the most popular SD memory modules to save user files from photos, clips and videos, which can be displayed on a high-resolution screen in brilliant true colors.

The screen

The interface with multiple colors can be changed continuously.

Display Screen: The device's user will enjoy a 3.5-inch HD display with dimensions of "240 * 320".

Dimensions of the device

W128 x H86 x D20 mm.

Rechargeable battery

(Lithium Ion 3.7V / 720 mAh).


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