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Atlas Modern Dictionary (English – Arabic) The Great Encyclopedia 2011 added thousands of new words and linguistic information such as examples, derivatives, synonyms, antonyms, etymologies, illustrations, and others.

Atlas Modern Dictionary (Arabic – English (2010) which contains Arabic words and phrases and their meanings in both Arabic and English.

Atlas Modern Dictionary (Arabic – Arabic (2011) which contains the vocabulary of the Arabic language, its meanings and definitions related to it, in addition to the verb conjugations, singular and plural forms, and others.

– Animated picture dictionary that shows the meanings of words shown in pictures.

– Illustrated dictionary (English-Arabic), which displays many English words that include topics of daily life, with illustrations according to categories.

The American Heritage Dictionary (English – English), which is considered one of the most famous dictionaries of the English language and its impact with its precise definitions and illustrations.

The most common vocabulary in the English language and its meanings in the Arabic language, in addition to the conversation and abbreviations that enrich the learner's linguistic outcome.

Chemical element dictionary displaying element name, atomic number and other information.

Advanced Extended Search and searches for the word you want in all available dictionaries on the device.

Comprehensive search

It searches for the word you want in all the dictionaries available in the device, which saves a lot of effort and time in searching for the desired meaning and word.

Medical dictionaries

Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary (English-English) is internationally known for its accurate definitions of medical terms and color illustrations, as well as related sub-entries.
The General Medical Dictionary (English-Arabic and Arabic-English), which is considered a useful reference in the medical terms English and Arabic and their meanings in the Arab world, in addition to the Arabic Medical Dictionary (Arabic-Arabic).

Dorland's colorful illustrated glossary.

Dorland's Dictionary pictures display medical terms with simple explanations.

The language

English grammar with a detailed explanation with a level test that helps the user pass the most difficult language entrance exams for universities and international institutions.
Various subjects related to the English language such as synonyms, antonyms, idioms and others that would make this device an unparalleled linguistic and knowledge reference.

Various titles related to literature, its terms and most popular quotes, as well as biographies of many well-known literary figures and Nobel Prize winners in various years, wisdom and proverbs in both Arabic and English.

Full explanation of the most important basics of reading and writing, especially writing letters and articles, in addition to displaying punctuation marks and their uses.

the sound

Real human voice speaking in English and Arabic languages ​​with the ability to adjust the speed and pitch of the voice.

Short tests

Distinguished set of short tests in vocabulary, non-standard verbs, irregular plural forms, abbreviations, translation of sentences, assimilation reading test and many more, which enables the user to test his linguistic information.


Multiple types of computers are available in this device, in addition to other mathematical applications that help the user to perform mathematical operations with ease.

Appointment organizer

A collection of useful and organized applications such as phone, appointment record, class schedule, notepad, to-do list, annual events, calendar, my information, and others.


Includes MP3 player, video player, PDF, Acrobat photo album, recorder and text reader.


It contains many useful applications such as date, time, city, daily alarm, stopwatch, prayer times, Qibla, azan, file management, greeting message, etc.

the games

It contains many educational and entertainment games.


The large storage capacity built into the device is 1500MB which can be increased by adding Micro SD memory units up to 8GB to enable the user to save his files from photos, clips and videos.

the screen

4.5 "high tech touch screen.

Rechargeable battery

Lithium ion 3.7V-700 mAh / Adaptor: AC 100-240v 5v 1mA


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