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– Atlas Modern Dictionary (English-Arabic) (Unabridged Encyclopedic) 2011 with thousands of new words and useful lingual information such as: examples, derivatives, synonyms, antonyms, etymology, illustrated images and many more. – Atlas Modern Dictionary (Arabic-English) 2010 includes Arabic words and phrases with their Arabic and English explanations. – Atlas Modern Dictionary (Arabic-Arabic) 2011 with Arabic words and their meanings, in addition to the related information like verb conjugations, singular and plural forms and others. – The perfect "Collins Cobuild English Dictionaries" that suit everyone by their various clear meanings and extra information. – "Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary" the world's best advanced dictionary aimed at non-native speakers for including English words, phrases, idioms and usages with its precise meanings. – Animated dictionary displays explanation of words with illustrations. – Illustrated Dictionary (English-Arabic): Displays many English words of daily life with their illustrations in categories. – AMD Unabridged Pictures: Include words taken from Atlas Modern Unabridged Encyclopedic Dictionary (English-Arabic) illustrated with pictures.

Specialized Dictionaries

18 Specialized Dictionaries 2011 of various fields of knowledge as Comprehensive, Computer, Internet and IT, Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Architecture and Civil Engineering Dictionary, Scientific, Chemical Elements, Geography & Geology, Glossary of Environmental Terms, Medical, Business & Finance, Law, Political, International Relations, Military and Sports.

Extended Search

Usually fixed in the device screen and searches for a desired word in all available dictionaries.


A real human voice talks in both English and Arabic languages with the ability to set the speed and the frequency.

English Language

Presents distinguished language information like irregular verbs, irregular plural nouns, phrasal verbs, vocabulary buildup (3 levels), visual conversation, proverbs and idioms to help those who learn English as a second language.

Teach Yourself English

Contains many subjects related to English language as: English phonetics, English Communications Skills, Naturalistic Learning Method and Assisted Speech Learning.

English Grammar

A comprehensive course of English grammar helps you to pass the most difficult qualification and admission language tests.

Arabic Grammar

Enables you to apply syntax rules in Arabic language and test your lingual information by answering Arabic grammar test.

Reading and Writing

Contains many subjects related to basics of reading and writing, writing research papers that lead the user to read and write better.


Updated encyclopedia icon that contains Britannica Concise Encyclopedia which includes general information covering various branches of human knowledge, in addition to Flags & Nationalities icon with basic information about 192 countries and their flags, World's Famous Wonders that cover 10 wonders with a brief and a picture of each of them and a list of different animals' cries with pictures and sounds and many more.


Different kind of quizzes such as vocabulary, irregular verbs, irregular plurals and many others that enable the user to test his language info. In addition to translating sentences test, comprehensive reading test and English grammar worksheets quiz.

Atlas English Qualification

Atlas English Qualification considered a useful source that helps in preparing and passing any big English test. It contains exercises to practice various language skills such as: Structure, Vocabulary, Listening Comprehension, Reading Comprehension and Visual Comprehension, in addition to Atlas English Qualification Test that measures the main language skills.


Different kinds of calculators and other calculation applications such as: scientific and engineering calculators to help the user in performing any calculation process easily.


A set of organizing applications such as: telephone, schedule, class schedule, memo, to do list, calendar, my information and others.


Includes MP3 player, video player, flash player, text reader, PDF files reader, electronic book and recorder.


Contains many useful applications such as: date time and city, daily alarm, stopwatch, prayer times, Qibla, Azan, files management and greeting message and others.


A lot of edutainment games.


Allow you to create shortcuts for your favorite applications.


Huge memory embedded inside the device "1500 megabyte" along with the additional micro SD memory card till "8 gigabyte" enable the user to store all kinds of data files such as pictures and movies.


Hi-tech touch screen (320 * 240) (3.5) inch TFT

Device Dimension

D 20mm * H 85 * W 127

Rechargeable battery

Lithium ion 3.7V-700 mAh/ Adaptor: AC 100-240v 5v 1mA


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